Hidden Vale Farm

Beeswax Skin Care Products,

Handcrafted, in small batches, from the best quality, 100% all natural ingredients.

Pure and Natural...as it should be

100% All Natural, Breast Feeding Nipple Cream


I cannot get enough of her products I use them everyday at work and before bed. My hands have never been so soft even after lifting weights at the gym. It also has helped with the hang nails I used to get, they used to hurt so bad now they are gone. Lemongrass is my favorite so far. And I look forward to trying her new rice bran oil lip balm and the plantain salve. All well packaged and make great gifts

Rebecca W, WA

Perfect consistency and immediately much more soothing than my store bought nipple butter. Thank you!

Darla J, Whittier, CA

Update on the Night Hand bar, hubby is obsessed! We fight over it 😂 he always wants to take it with him but I always want it. So we will need another one when we get paid 😂 also I found a great use for GIFT face cream! So my face dries out from makeup, so I actually put some in my liquid foundation. It’s amazing! So we will be needing more of that too soon 😛

Megan H, Chehalis, WA