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Herbal salves are made by soaking different organic herbs in oil for many weeks, to get all the wonderful properties out of the herbs, then the infused herbal oils are combined with beeswax – to thicken them into a solid state at room temperature. Some salves can contain finely ground or pulverized components of the herbs themselves. Salves are for treating local conditions; the effects target the area of the body on which they’re applied.

Our Salves are handmade, here in the USA, from a traditional recipes using beeswax and other 100% all natural ingredients.


When you have tried handmade salves, you may never go back to store bought creams.


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“This stuff is awesome!” Chris W, Longview, WA




Salve Ingredients:


Olive Oil infused with herbs; Beeswax, pure essential oil.


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100% Natural Salve, Handmade with Beeswax

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  • Arnica Salve, 100% Natural, Handmade with Beeswax, helpful for bruises
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  • Plantain Salve, 100% Natural, Handmade with Beeswax, helpful for Bug Bites
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